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Black Walnut Tincture - Non-GMO

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The original premium extra strength Black Walnut Tincture. Made from the fresh green hulls and to Dr. Clark's personal instructions.
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Supplement Qty-Size 1 oz - Liquid
OneLifeUSA®'s Black Walnut Tincture is extra strength made from the fresh green hulls of the black walnut. This product is packaged in glass bottles with an integrated screw eye dropper top. It was made with Dr. Clark's personal instruction to insure it meets her strict specifications and standards. This is a Non-GMO product.

This product is one of the three in Dr. Hulda Clark's Original Para Kit (the other two: Original Premium Quality Pure Cloves and Original Premium Quality Pure Wormwood). If you are purchasing this product to use as part of Dr. Clark's Original Para Kit or Maintenance Kits the following information may be helpful: Dr. Clark personally came to our lab and set up the manufacturing process to insure our Black Walnut (as well as the Clove and Wormwood) products were made to her specifications. In her books, Dr. Clark says pale green color insures potency. This applied to making it in her kitchen. When manufactured in a commercial lab, the formulation, not the color, determines its potency. Therefore, it is made as specified by Dr. Clark: A double maceration (Double strength) at a 1:1 ratio of gm herb to ml menstruum (1/2 teaspoon contains extractives from 2,500 mg fresh plant material).

*Note: OneLifeUSA® does NOT recommend the use of disposable pipettes (droppers) for this tincture. These pipettes are meant to be used once and thrown away. For this reason we provide a REAL eye dropper top (insures convenient and clean delivery).

Do not use this product if you are allergic to nuts.

Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

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