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Colon Care

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A baby blanket for your colon; carefully blended ingredients help promote good gut flora balance, keep constipation at bay and supply natural sources of fiber. Bonus: Bentonite Clay for its detox effects and abundance of gut healthy nutrients.
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The name says it all... Colon Care. Like a baby blanket for your colon. A gentle loving embrace... With just the right combination of ingredients to be your colon's care taker. A dash of Black Walnut to help keep those 'bad' bugs at bay coupled with a dose of probiotics to keep those 'good' bugs going strong. Essential fiber from natural Psyllium Husks, Oat Bran and Flaxseed. Mix in some water soluble Apple Pectin - It's more than just a regulator - It's a benefit rich fiber that benefits digestive health. Gently keep constipation at bay with Aloe Vera and Prune Fruit. And the cherry on top... Bentonite Clay for its ability to draw out toxins while adding an abundance of gut healthy nutrients. That's what Colon Care is... What it is not... A colon cleanse, a primary laxative (that's what Colon Clear is for). Take care of your colon with this perfect blend of natural ingredients… Colon Care.

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