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Mega-Balance 30 Billion Probiotics - Non-GMO

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MegaBalance is designed to support digestive health and the replacement of beneficial micro flora with the most effective combination of probiotics (good bacteria). It includes 30 billion CFU of 10 different strains of beneficial flora (probiotics).
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Supplement Qty-Size 30 Vegetable Capsules
MegaBalance is a substantial probiotic formula containing 10 different strains of probiotics. Each veggie cap contains 30 billion probiotic organisms! Additionally, this is a Non- GMO formula. The inclusion of DE111, a highly effective strain of Bacillus subtilis, a probiotic spore that works as a complement to the other non-spore strains makes this a stand out product. DE111 is trademarked by Deerland Enzymes, who in partnership with Cornell University, fully sequenced this probiotic for safety and that has been uploaded to GenBank (the National Institutes of Health genetic sequence database). DE111 has shown the ability to support a healthy gut microflora as well as support digestion. In addition, it has the ability to crowd out E. coli and other 'bad' bacteria.
Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

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