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Something Smells Fishy - 2X - Non-GMO

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The Something Smells Fishy is SOLD OUT (ETA 9-25). Until the next fresh batch is ready, try our 100% Anchovy Oil Omega-3 - 1000mg - Non-GMO, PCB tested! ...[Click to Try Me] On SALE until the Something Smell Fishy is back in stock!
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Supplement Qty-Size 90 SoftGels

Fish Oil supplements may top the popularly list, but, NOT all fish oil supplements are created EQUAL. OneLifeUSA®'s Something Smells Fishy, is a premium selection of 100% salmon oil (not a diluted mixed fish oil). Additionally, our salmon oil is from wild caught, fresh water salmon (not farm raised). Selecting salmon harvested from the wild is a healthier choice and is better for the environment. The oil in this product is extracted from harvested salmon using portions of the fish that would otherwise be wasted.

Each gel cap is power packed with 1000mg of pure salmon oil that has been tested for chemical residue and heavy metals to ensure its safety and purity. These are easy to swallow soft gel caps and contain no: preservatives, artificial colors, artificial flavors or sodium.

Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

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