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Turmeric 750 + BioPerine® - Non-GMO

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Go for all the health benefits of a balanced and healthy gut flora with arguably one of the most advanced formula combinations. This product gives you both prebiotics (food for the probiotics) & probiotics (good bacteria) in one convenient vegetable capsule!
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OneLifeUSA’s Turbotics is an advanced Prebiotic/Probiotic formula. Because of its unique blend of PreforPro® prebiotics with Bacillus subtilis DE111® probiotic, it is able to withstand heat and other adverse conditions more so than others.
PreforPro® is a new generation of prebiotic (‘food’ that probiotics -good gut bacteria- need to live and strive). Developed by Deerland Enzymes as a probiotic enhancer, it is uniquely not fiber or starch based (as are traditional prebiotics – oligosaccharides). Instead, it is a Lytic Bacteriophage ‘cocktail’, making significantly smaller amounts necessary and working within hours instead of days. Other unique benefits of PreforPro are: it functions in both the small and large intestines, does not cause gas, is not affected by various gut environments and works with a broad spectrum of probiotics. It’s easy to see why PreforPro® prebiotic is a preferred choice.
The inclusion of DE111®(a clinically researched strain of Bacillus subtilis) further enhances the Turbotics formulation. DE-111® is a spore-forming probiotic bacteria that has been genome sequenced and clinically tested as a highly effective, very stable and as complementary to many of the commonly used non-spore forming probiotics. Additionally, it can survive passage through the acidic environment of the GI tract to then help crowd out bad bacteria; thus helping to maintain healthy gut flora. By including a variety of spore and non-spore forming probiotics, Turbotics is able to provide a broad spectrum of benefits.
Today, we have the ability to influence our gut microflora like never before. By enhancing the intestinal flora, prebiotics and probiotics may have a larger effect in terms of keeping people in good health. Pursuing the understanding of gut microflora has become a critical goal in the quest for overall wellness. Before taking this or any over-the-counter product, it is always advisable to discuss its use with your primary care professional.

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