OneLifeUSA Vitamins
Fresher Vitamins-MicroBatched in the USA

“When purchasing products intended for internal consumption, your confidence and trust in the company you're buying from, should be your most important consideration.”

OneLifeUSA was not started with the idea of becoming a vitamin supplement company. Instead, we were founded by a cancer survivor over 20 years ago. While receiving treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center, she became increasingly interested in healthy living. Nutrition became a focus during her battle and recovery. She began taking a series of supplements that she felt was important for her well-being. Eventually these supplements were incorporated into one product and manufactured as a dietary supplement: OneLifeUSA’s Advanced Anti-Oxidant formula. It is our founding product and today remains our #1 top seller.

This one formula has grown to over 50 and we’ve developed into a successful family company that serves hundreds of thousands of customers across the United States. We are a MicroBatch manufacturer that uses premium harvests to produce stand out 'Farm to Tablet' products in FDA registered and GMP certified state of the art labs here in the USA. Our unconditionally strict standards of operation and money back guarantee provide further indication of our commitment to quality that you can trust.

Our customers are important to us. Our commitment to your satisfaction is something you deserve and something we expect of ourselves. We are not held accountable to absentee ownership or big company ‘profit only’ policies. Instead, our founder’s recovery from a deadly cancer diagnosis resulted in her exemplary mission to help others by making top quality yet affordable natural vitamins and nutritional supplements. She also insisted we do this with outstanding customer service in a courteous manner. If at any time we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.